Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cogon Doves

No, this has nothing to do with birds or doves. Even worse, has nothing to do with a locale we always call home, Cogon (Tagbilaran). It wasn't anything sold in stores to keep one's body clean and moisturized when taking a shower or going for a bath. Worse yet, it's not something that emits a sound or music when put on a player-tray we call nowadays as CD. Nope. Nope. Nope.

For young readers and curious blog-inquirers like you are, it sure is one hell of a mystery that you're probably asking yourself, right at this very moment, "What in the world is he talking about?" Ahihihi.

Anyways, why don't we leave things the way they were... almost half-forgotten!

But for those whose life has just begun (didn't someone say life begins at forty?) - not the baby boomers but the fortyish something - it sure means something special.

And a memorable one at that!


Words by J. Roel Lungay

Music by Romeo Mascariñas

Performed by Romeo Mascariñas

There’s a highway down the road
People trav‘ling, young and old
Which direction I don’t know but I was told…
It’s called the road to nowhere.

There’s a dude in jet-black hair
With guitar and picking tunes
Where he came from no one knows but I was told…
He came from road to nowhere.

There’s a road to nowhere
Many people standing there.
Road to nowhere,
I wanna do my dancing there;
Like a marketplace
It’s crowded and you can’t hear
It’s a road to nowhere
Really, road to nowhere.


Down that road you can’t show your face,
Expect to be embraced.
I was told you are on your own
Or you can hit the road!

Love to travel down that road,
No return and no regrets,
Love to tell my kids one day when I am old
I’ve been to the road of nowhere.

(Repeat Refrain)

Like a marketplace
It’s full of crowd, but then
It’s a road to nowhere.
Yeah, really road to nowhere.
Like a marketplace
It’s full of crowd, but then
It’s a road to nowhere.
You bet, it's road to nowhere.

Copyright © 2009 Roro Music. International Copyright Secured
All Rights Reserved

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