Friday, March 12, 2010



Words by J. Roel Lungay

Music by Romeo C. Mascariñas

Performed by Romeo Mascariñas

Took an early train
From Salzburg to Vienna
Mood was very quiet
The sun a little bite
Looking out the window
‘Twas quite a lonely ride.

In a flash of light
An angel passes by
My heart is set ablaze
By that gorgeous face
Though I can hardly breathe
I wanna touch her face.

So this is the tune
Of the grooving Vienna
I feel so in love
Oh, City of Vienna
Sing me your songs
At the winding Danube
Is this just a dream...
Don't wake me up Vienna.

This is quiet a dream
I really wanna scream
What is happening
The magic on this train
And everywhere I go
I sense a smell of you.

(Repeat Chorus)

The majestic Glorietta,
Schonbrunn's little moon,
The waltzing Danube
And the beer drinking nook...
All dancing with the beat
When Vienna and I meet.

(Repeat Chorus, fade)

Copyright © 2009 Roro Music. International Copyright Secured
All Rights Reserved

Fro 02/10/06 - 6/8/10


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